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Why should you use PCS for your search assignments?

While the temptation to secure talent internally is easier now with new technologies, the fact remains that it is precisely the expertise that a seasoned executive recruiter brings to this endeavor that is so invaluable. This is a serious business, with no less than the health and welfare of your business (and often your job) that is at stake. And just as you see a specialist for your health, a CPA for your finances, and a real estate broker for your home, so too are we surgeons in the business of finding and securing talent for our clients. Talent that will have a forceful impact for years to come. Our noted client list should ably illustrate the manner in which PCS is perceived in our industry.

Understanding Client Needs, Providing Valuable Solutions:

We at PCS take time to get to know your needs, the culture and personality of your organization, before we ever refer any candidates. Instead of inundating you with resumes of marginal people, we provide candidates who fit as closely as possible.

Our state-of-the-art computer network system provides you with access to highly qualified candidates at every level of your hiring requirements. Our system quickly and efficiently identifies only those candidates who fit your requirements, and that’s only the beginning of our vetting process.

Our cost-effective approach to the selection process saves you valuable time. We give you a broad pool of only the very best candidates to choose from. Our industry knowledge gives you timely intelligence necessary for successful recruiting.

PCS can save you a significant amount of time and money. By pre-qualifying and thoroughly screening candidates, we make sure there is a potential "fit" for your open position. When a candidate is submitted for your consideration, we are confident he or she is truly right for the position, and will remain a viable and valuable asset to your firm. This translates into cost-effective search solutions and Bottom-Line results.

We only submit the "Best" candidates for your search assignment:

We aggressively pursue candidates that match your skill set and your corporate culture. We use our database of information to help identify companies that might employ a similar candidate. We then use our contacts to determine which candidates have established themselves as being "best in the field." Finally, we follow an in-house interview process to ensure that you have the greatest chance to successfully hire the candidate that you want.

We will only submit the resumes of qualified candidates. And while we can never predict the time frame of our searches, as they run long and deep, the majority of our search assignments take a relatively short amount of time from initial listing to start date. Because we spend time getting to know our candidate’s career goals, we rarely have candidates that will turn down your offer from a lack of interest.

Please feel free to peruse our various sections of this website that will continue to present the PCS story, and why we feel you should consider working with us for your resourcing needs. When satisfied, we encourage you to reach out to out by dropping us a line about your impending requirements. We’re more than happy to discuss the merits of your search, and offer you our opinions without any obligation.