Technical, Financial And Niche Recruitment

Porter Consulting Services prides itself on its executive search capabilities within a number of specialty fields.

Technical Recruitment

With regard to technical placement, we have worked with some of the largest companies in the world in filling key openings in a variety of areas, including:

  • Technical Architects

  • System Engineers

  • Software Developers

  • Project Managers

  • Senior Managers

  • Chief Information & Technology officers (CIO, CTO)

  • QA Analysts

  • Java, SAS, .NET, C++ specialists

  • and so much more.

Some of our clients in this space include IBM, AT&T, Hyperion, Verizon, Rockwell International, Oracle, Hewlett Packard, United Technologies and many more.

The common denominator between our clients is that they were all seeking to work with a firm that understands the space, provides timely expertise in the recruitment process, and most importantly, continually produces positive results.

That, in a nutshell, is why PCS has become a go-to talent resource for the leading technology organizations in the world, and why you should seriously consider utilizing our services for your technical talent requirements.

Financial Recruitment

PCS has a long and storied history in working with some of the leading financial organizations in the world. Our real world expertise has enabled us to have an innate understanding of the complexities of the financial markets, enabling us to hone in and secure quality talent for clientele in a manner unlike most executive search firms.

We have been honored to count amongst our clientele American Express, General Electric, Ernst & Young LLP, ADP and more.

Placements include Chief Financial Officers (CFO), Senior Management, Finance and Internal Audit Specialists, Fixed Income & Equity Analysts, Control & Risk Analysts, and more.

Now more than ever, with the financial markets at the crossroads of the world economies, companies have come to rely upon the expertise of PCS in securing the talent that will facilitate continued growth and expansion. We look forward to speaking with you about your requirements in this important and ever-changing space.

Niche Recruitment

From time to time, we assist clients in specialized searches, whether they are seeking one individual, or to build a team.

Perhaps your company requires operations professionals to place on-site at one of your client’s facilities. You might require a number of district managers or general managers for your expanding retail chain. Your sales division might be expanding from a regional to a nationwide effort, with the need to place 6 regional business development managers in place. You might need to hire a Java developer and get him/her on a plane to South America in 3 weeks.

The list goes on and on. Whether your requirements are for permanent hires or contractors; candidates who will relocate from one end of the country to the other; candidates who will need to be true road warriors with almost 100% travel today’s market economy, there are almost no limitations on the scope and responsibilities that might be assigned to a particular position within your organization. We go where the business takes us.

PCS wants you to know that we have seen it all in our many years of service, and we are well prepared to professionally handle the most unique and/or complex of recruitment assignments you may have.

It all comes back to our passion for what we do. If we can secure talent for you, our client, that exhibit the same sort of passion for what they do, we will be well on the road to a successful outcome, and hopefully, become a consistent partner for your future talent requirements.