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Porter Consulting Services specializes in a number of critical placement services for its valued clientele. These include:

Permanent Placement PCS works closely with its client base in the permanent placement of key professionals. While certain firms work on a retained basis (upfront fees), PCS believes it is in the mutual interest of both our clientele and PCS to work on a contingency basis. In this way, risk is averted to our client base, with fees only due once a client has hired our candidate. Too often, recruitment firms allow retainer-based agreements to dilute the search process, submitting inadequate candidates simply to justify their upfront fees. You will always know that when you receive the credentials of a permanent placement candidate from PCS, that candidate has been vetted properly and will meet all or most of your requirement wish list. With a stated guarantee always included with each placement, we want our clients to feel reassured that working with PCS is like having an internal division of highly skilled recruiters ready to act on resourcing requirements as needed.

Contract-to-Hire Affectionately known as our "test-drive placement," here our clients have the ability to hire our candidate on an hourly rate for a pre-arranged period of time, and which is billed out by PCS. A permanent salary will be included in our contract with your firm should they be hired permanently, as well as a pre-determined permanent placement fee for PCS. These contractor candidates, aside from our standard vetting practices, will also have agreed to be hired on a full time basis according to the terms of the contractor agreement, should your firm decide to bring them aboard full time. If not, both the client and the contractor have the option to renew the contract, or terminate the contract. Most industries and professions are available for this service.

Contract Placement PCS also provides a valuable service to its clients by providing contract professionals in a variety of professions and specialties, including but not limited to IT, marketing, management, operations, and much more. In this scenario, you the client are not responsible for any financial obligations other than the bill rate you will be assessed for the contractor. Most contracts run for a minimum of 6 months or more, though every opportunity is assessed.

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