Sales, Marketing & Management Recruitment

PCS prides itself on specializing in executive search and placement of sales, marketing and management professionals across a broad spectrum of industries. Often, it the impact of these individuals that drives the engine of our clients in their own unique manner. Let’s talk about it for a moment...

Your organization has a great product or service. You and your development team have worked long, hard hours to create a competitive platform for your space in the open market.

Now what?

Depending on the size and scope of your company, the marketing functions you require can encompass myriad pockets of responsibility, many of which have a common essential function: bringing your message to your potential client base in a clear, cohesive manner.

Branding, communications, social media, analysis, website, packaging, trade booth and collateral design, and so much more – these and numerous other functions, depending on the size of your marketing department, are integral if you are to remain at the top of your field, or have the desire to get there. That’s as true for our start-up and mid-size clients as it is for our multinational clientele, such as Kimberly-Clark, Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Stryker Corp., Pepsi and Kraft.

Similarly, without top-flight sales and business development professionals in place to bring your carefully crafted message to the end user, you’re an organization with great products and service, but no one to sell to. Which can only lead to disaster.

And the recruitment of management professionals? The very people who by design will lead by example, putting their expertise, philosophies and work ethic into play each and every day as they push forward for success? If mistakes are made at this critical level, they will seep down to their direct reports, and ultimately, as we have seen time and again, torpedo all of the hard work and dedication that has been expended to put your company in position to succeed.

Why are hiring mistakes made?

Given the propensity for some companies to assume they can recruit their own marketing, sales and management teams simply based on the fact that a large number of candidates might be on the market is an understandable but usually flawed endeavor. When thousands of resumes flood your inbox, many of whom might have a few of the specific skill sets you desire, that is exactly the moment the process breaks down.

Most companies are simply not equipped to dedicate hundreds of man-hours to the process. Ultimately, with the pressing need to get someone (or teams) into place, hiring decisions are quite often borne not of quality, but of frustration, limited time, deadlines to be met, and perhaps most strikingly, the wrong people glancing through those resumes that do not have the marketing, sales or management expertise to truly find the proverbial needle(s) in the haystack.

And a haystack it will be.

While our long term clients know and understand the benefits of working with our firm from experience, it is only after failed internal recruitment, or utilizing a recruitment firm that does not specialize in the discipline(s) they are seeking to fill, that PCS is often called into action. Why?

Here comes our secret weapon....

Because PCS recruitment consultants have the real world, hands-on expertise to both "talk the talk" as well as "walk the walk" with prospective candidates. We speak their language, empathize with their concerns, and have the ability to ask the right questions at the right time. We seek out not just industry and discipline knowledge, but the intangibles, as well.

How will the candidate mesh with your corporate culture? What sort of baggage or limitations do they bring to the table? What sort of passion do they have for what they do?

We are marketing, sales and management professionals with years of relevant experience who happen to also be recruiting in the very disciplines that we embrace and understand. It’s our responsibility to put in the hundreds of man-hours in order to find you the right person for the job. And we love it.

So there it is, our secret weapon, the final cherry on top that truly separates us from our competition. With that type of time-tested, industry hardened firepower at your disposal, not to mention a network of candidates, recruiters and long term relationships for us to utilize in our searches on your behalf, you can readily see why PCS is the right choice for your marketing, sales and management sourcing requirements.

At the end of the day, we will save you hundreds of hours, and a lot of money...

  • by doing the legwork,

  • the calls (not only to candidates on the market, but those not on the market, as well),

  • the vetting of our candidates,

  • the matching of personality to your corporate culture,

  • submitting only best-of-the-best candidates for your review,

  • the interviewing,

  • the scheduling of interviews,

  • the negotiating,

  • and the on-boarding of every candidate we place.

  • AND we’ll guarantee every candidate we place with you.

We also can provide written references for candidates we submit to you, and if required, will also work with an outside registered firm in providing credit checks such as SS/driving record/employment history and more.

Leaving you to do what you do best – running your business, staying competitive, and forging a healthy future for your company as it moves forward with the right people in place.

Your success.

That is what Porter Consulting Services is all about.