Client & Candidate Referral Program

The professional executive recruiters at PCS have over a hundred years of cumulative experience in the executive search industry, with scores of networks consisting of clients, candidates and recruiters alike.

Yet in this fast paced world, we recognize that we can’t always know every potential candidate, especially those that are considered "passive" candidates who are currently employed but open to new opportunities.

Likewise, we are always interested in building upon our client base – ranging from established national and international corporations, to mid-cap organizations, to start-ups building their initial teams.

In this social media-laden world, we also recognize that personal relationships often are the very key to establishment of new client relationships, as well as facilitating the placement of highly desired individuals in positions we are currently seeking to fill on behalf of our clients.

To that end, therefore, we have established a referral program that seeks to reward those whose recommendations lead directly to the placement of the individuals they refer to us, or whose corporate introductions lead to executive placements with clients not previously associated with PCS.

Our rewards for referrals that lead to successful placements, therefore, are generous and customized, depending upon the successful outcome of the referrals and the needs of you, the referring individual. These can range from monetary disbursements to substantial savings on future search assignments.

In the end, this becomes a win/win/win scenario – good for you and/or your company, good for the individuals or companies that have been referred to us and subsequently utilized our services leading to successful talent acquisitions or placements, and good for PCS as we continue to broaden our reach in the market.

Please note that individual referrals must include full contact resumes in digital format. Any individuals or companies already in PCS database are not valid for referral reward. Corporate referrals must include name and full contact information of hiring manager, and key personal introduction of PCS representative by you, the referring party, to the hiring manager. Rewards only paid once successful placements have been made and guarantee periods have been met. Rewards will be paid for successful placements up to one year from date of referral submitted to PCS.

We encourage you to fill out the form below with regard to the referrals you wish to make, and we will certainly follow up in short order.

Thank you!

Questions? For more information about this exciting program, please email to