Project TeamBuild

A unique cost-saving, team-building solution tailored for start-ups and early stage organizations!

You have a well-developed business plan in hand. Your seed money is in the bank, ready to support your growth initiatives. You’re ready to put your core team together, perhaps including a Marketing Director; a Business Development Manager; a VP of Operations; or any number of other key roles required to make your organization fly.

The professionals at PCS truly understand the difficulties of getting a new venture off the ground. We understand the need to minimize expenses, though not at the expense of the future growth of your company. And we understand the passion and vision you must have for your start-up or early stage organization. We applaud you for your entrepreneurial spirit. And we are here to help.

PCS has developed Project TeamBuild in an effort to support the growth of your new company with an eye on the bottom line. By allowing us to exclusively help you build your core team with the simultaneous search and placement of 3 or more executive positions, we will tailor a plan of action that saves you commissionable expenses as we assist you in formulating the backbone of your company with quality professionals who will help to lead your company to success.

Interested in learning more about this valuable, cost-saving service? Please drop us a line about your company, your growth plans, and the type of leaders you desire to kick your company into high gear. If we feel we can assist your efforts, we will tailor a program that will meet your needs, and then some.

Project TeamBuild

A PCS Recruitment Solution for Growth and Prosperity