It’s a tough, dynamic world out there. No one knows that better than you, whatever industry you hail from. Competition is fierce. Margins are tight. And the old axiom that time is money has been replaced by time is survival. Mistakes, miscommunications and misappropriations once chalked up to a learning curve are now often deemed bad decisions, with a dangerously thin line separating success from failure.

So where does that leave you and your organization when it comes to growth and sustainability? And how does the impact of an unforgiving economy play out on your decision-making processes, especially when it comes to the all-important human capital acquisition process?

That’s where Porter Consulting Services steps into the fray.

At PCS, as we are often referred to by our clientele, we have been assisting our clients throughout the USA and around the world for 40 years with an uncompromising belief that we, just like our clients for whom we work, are only as productive as the professionals that work with us.

Whether your hiring needs are for marketing, business development, management, IT, engineering or other related disciplines, from mid-to-upper tier (C-level), you can rest assured that PCS regards itself as an extension of your business when hired to fill key roles within your organization. In relation, our team of veteran, recruitment professionals has the industry hands-on expertise that you would expect of one of the top recruitment firms in the USA.

If we’re doing our job right, we are helping to make our clients as competitive in their respective fields as possible. Using time-tested search and headhunting methodologies, along with the most innovative technical technologies in the world, we have consistently proven ourselves able to seek out and find the finest talent in the market, hands down. We will not stop until our mission is accomplished. On this you have our word.

Throughout this website, you will find more detailed information as to Why Utilize PCS; a PowerPoint demonstration that accurately summarizes our unique methodologies in securing the very top talent for your requirements; testimonials that just begin to scratch the surface of our unrelenting focus and determination to recruit the finest candidates in the market (and many that weren’t in the market until we came calling), and much more.

You’ll especially learn how PCS, unlike so many of our competitors, doesn’t believe in filling up our client’s mailboxes with marginal candidates, simply to justify our time and effort. Quite the opposite, in fact. It’s YOUR time we care about. You will always know that when a candidate file pops up in your email from PCS, this will be a candidate that we have vetted in numerous ways, insisting that they pass our stringent requirements before you will ever hear of them from us. That’s what separates PCS from the pack, amongst numerous other practices we employ on your behalf. It makes a difference.

But for now, we need to learn a little more about you, about your company’s goals and aspirations, about its culture and reputation within your market, and about the type of person/people you are seeking to bring into your organization. Please take the time to fill out the Client Contact Form below, and you can be sure we will conduct our due diligence prior to following up with you. We want you to believe in us and our capabilities to help your organization grow, and will present our story to you to facilitate that trust. Just as importantly, we need to believe in you, as we will be representing your interests to the market – a responsibility that we take very seriously, indeed.

Drop us a line below, and we’ll be in touch. And thanks for visiting with us today.