Welcome to Porter Consulting Services, or PCS to our friends. Without question, today’s job market has seen some significant changes over the past few years. The uncertain economy has, of course, had a direct impact on the professional lives of tens of millions of people in the USA. Corporations are today making staff decisions not borne of current needs and trends, but in anticipation of future needs and trends, which are often based on statistical data quite separate from the required humanistic contributions of professionals like yourselves.

It’s frustrating; we understand. If you are currently employed, there are more rumors, innuendo and whispers floating through the halls of offices than ever before. Today’s viable entities are suddenly tomorrow’s institutions in trouble. And even if one’s position seems secure, the lesson learned is that nothing is really secure anymore. Passive candidates are not so passive anymore. Just as a solid professional understands about the need for contingencies in an office environment, so too does that professional need to plan for contingencies when it comes to their own employment and growth aspirations.

And if you are currently out of work, or underemployed, you have likely bumped up against a slew of roadblocks that seem determined to block your way back into the workforce, even while your skillset and experience is rock solid.

We here at PCS, while working with scores of employers throughout the country and the world, take great strides to facilitate a process of employment for our candidates with integrity, dignity, and honesty. We have presented a number of tools on this website that you should find informative for your job search, whether you are seeking a new position at this time, or simply keeping your options open to new opportunities. These include sections on Resume Tips, Interview Best Practices, and pertinent articles that should be quite illuminating.

We have also developed relationships with hundreds of agencies and recruitment networks that present us with the unique opportunity to potentially place our candidates in position to be considered for numerous key positions within their respective fields.

Below you will find selected job openings which you may directly apply for by clicking on the job postings of interest. You will also find our Candidate Contact Form below. On the Candidate Contact Form you have the option of attaching or pasting your resume, with full confidentiality, without responding to a specific open position, which will be entered into our database and reviewed by all recruiters within our firm for possible placement opportunities. There is no charge for this service, and we welcome your credentials.